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dc.contributor.authorPrasetyo, Mohamad Hadi
dc.contributor.authorMaulani, Terra Saptina
dc.descriptionMohamad Hadi Prasetyo ( ; Terra Saptina Maulani ( - Dosen STIE Ekuitas Bandung ; Performa : jurnal manajemen dan bisnis Vol XIII No.2 September 2016en_US
dc.description.abstractToday, there are the cities in the world trying to make the cities more beautiful and develop the tourism side to be able to reach the tourism market, because of the income tourism sector is so potential. Not only the cities in the world but also in Indonesia do the same. Many region try to develop the strategies to involve the tourism, and one of them is Bandung City, with experiential marketing, it will impact the level of tourist satisfaction which may lead to loyalty to the city through the image formed in the minds of tourist. This study to analyzes the influence of Experiential Marketing against Brand Image and its impact on Tourist Satisfaction In Bandung. The variables in this study are Experiential Marketing as the independent variable, Brand Image as the intervening variable and Tourist satisfaction as the dependent variable. This study uses a survey of 400 respondent by domestic tourists and foreign tourists.en_US
dc.publisherFakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis, UNISBAen_US
dc.subjectExperiential Marketingen_US
dc.subjectBrand Imageen_US
dc.titleAnalisis Experiential Marketing Terhadap Brand Image Serta Dampaknya Pada Tourist Satisfaction Di Kota Bandungen_US

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