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dc.contributor.authorPrasetyo, Mohamad Hadi
dc.descriptionMohamad Hadi Prasetyo - Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi (STIE) Ekuitas ; ; Seminar Nasional & Call For Paper, Forum Manajemen Indonesia (FMI) Ke-7, Jakarta, 10-12 Novemberen_US
dc.description.abstractEveryone lives by selling something. All people can survive by "selling" anything. Not everyone can make the "selling" successfully. Everyone has different characters and talents. This is regarded as the potential that we have. This paper is aimed at giving an idea of why we should have a strong personal branding. The research method used here is descriptive empirical method. As a company that has a strategy to strengthen its brand to increase profit, we also must strengthen our brand to gain success. Being successful means we can be useful persons, or we can provide benefits to others. We all have the potential within our selves, either already identified or not. We build the values within our selves. All these things must take place in a sustainable manner so that we always improve ourselves and we do not forget what is our goal. This is started from enhancing our experience, education / training, and establishing a positive relationship between each other. We must also identify our uniqueness and commitment that we hold. Besides, we also must identify the focus that we are pursuing. All of them are wrapped with a high passion or desire coming from how we optimize our values. Thus, we can compete and provide benefits for many people. Finally, we can be "experts" in our field and we are ready to answer the challenges in the future.en_US
dc.publisherForum Manajemen Indonesia (FMI)en_US
dc.subjectpersonal brandingen_US
dc.titleBuilding Yourself With Marketing (Personal Branding)en_US

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